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Wednesday, April 25th 2012

3:06 AM

Sunny lolitas nude girls


Related article: Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2006 22:02:57 -0700 From: Jason Newbell Subject: Cole: Chapter ThreeThis story contains descriptions of sexual acts between a boy of eighteen years and a boy of twelve years. If you do not wish to view, are not of proper age, or it is illegal in you area of jurisdiction, please leave now. If not enjoy!A couple of common questions asked after the first two chapters: Q: Is this story true? A: No, this story is 100% fictional. The main character's young hot preteen lolitas name is Jason, but it was originally Jeff. Since I was writing it from the first person though, I kept catching myself writing my own name. So I just decided to write it like that and change it later. And I forgot. Oh well. Q: Where is this taking place? A: preteens lolita girls xxx Anytown, USA. I purposefully didn't mention the location so you can put it into your nearest college town.I should mention that this is an original work by myself and you CANNOT copy or use any part of this story without my permission.If you like the story, please send me an e-mail at: jnew001(at)gmail.com Feedback is what keeps me going! Enjoy! Chapter Three ------------- Walking briskly towards Cole's house, my mind ran over the directions again and again. Being totally unfamiliar with this loli girls free pics city, I had to MapQuest his house and was pleased to find his street branched off one of the main roads that ran through campus. Up Washington Street until I hit 15th. Left on 15th. His house was the fourth on the right. Number 2420.What was I going to say? I began to worry. What if he didn't like me? That's stupid, I reminded myself. He is in need of a friend and I am going to be that person.Reaching 15th street, I took a left and crossed over to the right side of the road. I could see Cole's house, a modest one story building. Light blue with white trim. Well kept yard. I could tell his mother must have pride in her house to keep it looking so good considering she was a single parent working full time.Inhaling deeply as I reached his driveway, I started towards the door. All the windows and blinds were closed, probably a good idea with a kid alone at home. Reaching the door, I glanced at my watch. Two minutes after three. Just about right. Taking one more deep breath, I knocked on the door.Knock. Knock.My heart raced. I could hear the small patter of feet coming closer. The sound of a lock opening. The creak as the door opened, revealing the cutest boy I had ever seen.Cole's green eyes met my own. My heart practically stopped at the sight of him. The picture on the computer didn't do this boy justice. He was wearing shorts and a white tee-shirt, his bare feet cute as could be and leading the eye to his hairless legs. At least they appeared that way, but I only got to look for a half second or so. I moved my eyes towards his face, his slightly shaggy blonde hair a mess on top of his head."Hey," he said, smiling. My knees buckled and I almost feel to the ground. He was so adorable."H-Hey," loli girls free pics I managed to get out. My heart was racing. What was happening to me? Why was this boy affecting me like this?"You must be my buddy from State?" he asked, looking me up and down and then giving me another one of his precious smiles."Yup," I said, finally able to keep my composure. "You must be Cole?""Yeah," he said."I'm Jason," I said, extending my hand. He shook it. "And you're even more adorable that in the picture they showed me."He blushed and continued to smile."So we're going to a movie?" he asked."Yup," I replied. "Better go put on some socks and shoes so we can go.""Alright," he agreed, motioning me to come in.I stepped inside and shut the door. Cole disappeared down the hall. I glanced around the house, which was modestly furnished and clean. I could tell his mom must have been quite the woman. The place was scattered with pictures of Cole, and a few of an older man. I guessed it to be his dad, and I knew the wound was still fresh with Cole. I'd give him all the support he needed to get through it.Cole appeared once again, now complete with shoes and socks. I couldn't keep from looking at his legs, which were so smooth looking. He looked to be of average weight, not too thick or not too thin. He was perfect."Ready," he grinned at me. The kid could light up a room. How did he not have any friends?"Awesome," I grinned back. "I thought we'd see Eight Below? Sound good?""That the one with the sled dogs?" he asked."Yeah, that okay?" I replied."Perfect," Cole said, "I've been wanting to see that one."We left the house, Cole turning and locking the door with his key before we walked away. The theater was five or six blocks away, a very manageable distance. The first two blocks or so we moved in silence. We looked at each other a couple of times and smiled but I didn't know what to say. I kept stealing glances at his legs, which I could tell were speckled with fine hairs due to the sunlight. I just wanted to reach out and rub them.Wait... what was I thinking? This is a twelve year-old child, why am I having these thoughts? What the fuck is going on? Was I sexually attracted to Cole? Was I some kind of pervert?Cole broke my desperate thoughts by asking what year in college I was."Freshman," I said, starting to calm down. I'd worry about this later, because right now I had a kid to entertain."Oh cool," he said. "I'm in seventh grade.""Awesome," I replied. "Wasn't that long ago I was in seventh grade... only what? Six years?""Something like that," he grinned at me."When'd you move here?" I asked."May," Cole said. "Had to go to school the last four weeks, kinda sucked.""That would," I agreed. "How's school this year?""Better," he sighed, smile disappearing. "But I'm still the new kid and don't really have any friends.""You'll get some," I assured him. "You're the coolest, nicest kid I've ever met.""Awww," he grinned at me. "You've only known little lolita love galleries me a few minutes.""That's all I needed," I replied, giving him a loli girls free pics loving look as we reached the theater. I approached the ticket window."Two for Eight Below," I told the woman behind the glass. "I'm from the Bobcat Buddies program at State... here is my card."She took the card and looked at it."Okay," she said, handing it back. She printed out two tickets and handed them to me."Thanks," I said."Enjoy the show."How could I not with Cole next to me?We walked into the theater and settled down in the back row. Since the movie was on its third or fourth week, the crowd was pretty sparse. I consisted mostly of kids and their parents, as most Disney crowds were."I haven't been to a movie in like a year," Cole said."Mom too busy?" I asked."Yeah," Cole sighed. "Last time I went was with my..."He trailed off and lowered his head."Your dad?" I asked."Yeah," he said quietly.Now seemed like an appropriate time to give him a hug. I leaned over and extended my arms. Cole fell into them, squeezing me back with all his might. He was warm and soft and I was in a state of pure ecstasy. I loved this child with all my heart.Don't do anything stupid now, I reminded myself. The guidebook said it was more than okay to touch and hug your buddy, but anything that could be considered inappropriate was not allowed and the child instructed to report it. But I wasn't going to do anything inappropriate was I? Why did he have this effect over me?The previews started as the theater dimmed. Cole scooted closer towards me, his leg brushed my own. They came to rest touching one another, his smooth skin giving warmth to my own leg. Luckily I was in shorts so I could feel it. Cole's eyes seemed riveted on the screen; his body slumped a little in the chair. I felt myself getting an erection and couldn't do anything to stop it.I quickly sat up and moved my leg, adjusting my erection down my pant leg at the same time. Cole glanced over at me and smiled. I don't think he knew what was free teen lolitas galleries going on, thankfully. I reprimanded myself for being this way.I was gay. I knew that. Nobody else did, but I had come to grips with it. My parents thought I was too serious of a student to get involved in dating yet, and my friends didn't really think much of it. Sure I had to tell a white lie every once in a while, like "yeah she's hot," but nothing major. I was fine for the time being.Why then was I attracted to Cole? He was a boy obviously... but shouldn't I be attracted to boys my own age? I mean, I already had a crush on the guy across the hall in my dorm. But come to think of it I did have thoughts about some of my friends' siblings. Or just cute boys I saw. But I always thought I was attracted to the man they would become, not the boy themselves. When Jimmy's little brother walked out of young hot preteen lolitas the bathroom naked and young hot preteen lolitas down the hall... did I pop a boner because of what his crotch would look like in six years or what it looked like then? When I admired the body of Mike's brother at his swim party... that was because I liked the potential of him being a hottie. Right? Right? I couldn't convince myself.How about that time I felt up Jimmy's little brother? Mark was always my favorite of the younger siblings. Jimmy had already fallen asleep on the floor and left me and Mark to watch TV. He slowly faded and fell asleep as well. He was just wearing his boxers and I remember staring at him for the longest time just admiring his beauty. Finally I worked up the courage to reach over and touch him. He didn't stir. I ran my hand all along his body, his nipples, his stomach, his smooth, hairless legs.After chickening out a few times I managed to pull the waist of his boxers up so I could get a look at his dick. The ten year-old was pretty well endowed, still hairless of course but decent sized. I took a deep breath and reached my hand down and felt it, a bolt of electricity running through my body. It was warm and softer than anything else I had ever touched.I quickly pulled my hand away though and let go of his boxers. That night I had the same questions about my sexuality but was able to convince myself I did it because Mark looked a lot like Jimmy and I thought Jimmy was hot. So, Mark basically told me what Jimmy looked like... minus seven years. Yeah, that's it. That's why I felt up a ten year-old.I wasn't buying it anymore. I was attracted to Mark and Mike's little brother, and, well... Cole. The cutie sitting next to me. The one whose hand was sitting atop my own on the armrest. I was so occupied thinking I didn't even notice Cole putting his hand there. It was soft and remarkably warm. I opened up my hand and we grasped each other, giving the other a smile before looking back at the movie. Cole liked me and trusted me. That made me feel better than anything else in the world.So what, maybe I liked kids? Really liked them. I liked boys my own age too, so I'll just stick with them. I vowed never to do anything with Cole. Even if he was deep asleep and naked under a sheet. I wouldn't reach. Even if he presented himself to me, I wouldn't take it. Not because I didn't want to, but because of the deep shit I would be in. In jail for how knows long. Cole wasn't interested in that either. He just wanted a friend. An older brother. I was going to be that. And nothing more.Content with my resolve, I was able to focus on the movie. Cole's hand was still in mine and they began to get sweaty. I don't think this bothered either of us, we were just happy being together.All of a sudden a seal jumped out and barked at the screen. The whole theater cringed in fear, Cole slamming his head into my shoulder in fear. He hugged me with his other pure teeny lolita twat hand, the one that was still not grasped in my own."It's okay," I reassured him, running my free hand through his hair lightly. God it was soft."Over?" he asked."Yeah, the seal's gone," I reassured him.He took his head from my arm and settled back into his seat. We continued to hold our hands together.The movie dragged on but finally it ended. I wouldn't have minded it going longer, because I was more than happy to sit there next to my cutie Cole. After an hour and a half or so we finally released our grip on one another's hand, commenting and laughing on how warm and damp it had become.We stepped outside as I checked my watch. Twenty till six. Gave us plenty of time to get home before his mom arrived. That was the next big task. Make sure his mom liked me, because if she didn't; well, then I couldn't see Cole anymore. What was I talking about? Of course she'll like me; I just have to be myself.As we started back towards his house, Cole extended his hand towards my own. I grabbed it as we walked hand in hand back to his house. He sure was an affectionate kid and I could tell he free teen lolitas galleries liked me a lot. I was just so happy to be able to know and spend time with him. I reached over and rustled his hair a couple of times along the way, Cole jerking his head away after a few seconds and giving me a goofy smile.Cole unlocked the door and we entered the house once more. He told me he wanted to show me his room and motioned to follow. Down the hall we went, framed school pictures of Cole dotting the passageway. You could tell he was the only child by the gobs of pictures his mom kept of him. I wish I had one of my own."Tada!" Cole said, extending his arms as he opened the door."Awesome," I said, inspecting the room. The walls were covered with posters of NBA players and cartoon characters. His desk was littered with all sorts of random stuff, reminding me of my own desk at home. A shelf on the wall housed a solid collection of trophies, all sports related. The floor was pretty clean except for a few pieces of clothing here and there. His bed was a double and neatly made. Would be plenty of room for the two of us if we ever did it.What the fuck? No! Not again. Bad Jason. I tried to think of my schedule tomorrow to clear my head."Like it?" he asked, interrupting my thoughts."I'm jealous," I joked, tossing his ebony lolitas nude pics hair once again. It was just too soft and too adorable to resist.Just then I heard a door open cp pt lol lolita and I knew it must be his mom. He darted out of the room and met his mom in a giant hug just outside the garage."Hey sweetie," she said, squeezing him with all her might. You could tell the two of them were very close.I stood awkwardly off to the side watching them hug until they finally let go. Cole's mom was an attractive woman (from what I could tell) in her early forties. She had her brunette hair cut at her shoulders, meaning Cole obviously got his blonde hair from the father. She glanced over at me and smiled."Mom, this is Jason," Cole said, pushing me towards her."Pleased to meet you Ms. Mason," I said, shaking her hand. I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be."Pleased to meet you Jason," she said. "Thank you so much for doing this, you'd don't know how much it means to Cole.""I enjoyed it," I said truthfully. "We had a blast at the movie and Cole here is a really neat kid.""He is isn't he?" she said, giving Cole a grin. "Was he too shy at first?""Not really," I said, "he opened right up.""He must really like you then," she said. "He normally is a very shy boy.""So I was preteens lolita girls xxx I," I said. "I understand what it's like.""Well it seems you two are the perfect match," she said, looking at both of us and smiling."I should get going," I said, wanting to leave the two to themselves. "It was a pleasure meeting you Ms. Mason and I'll see you soon Cole. Want to do something tomorrow after school if it is okay with your mom?""Sure," he said, getting the approval nod from his mom."Alright, I'll think of something," I told him. "See you then."As I started to leave Cole approached me and wrapped me up in a hug. I wanted to hug him myself, but wasn't quite sure that was appropriate. The boy initiated hug was much safer. I enjoyed the warm feeling of him in my arms one more time."See ya later Jason," Cole said as he accompanied me to the door."Bye," I smiled at him, stepping outside and waving goodbye to the both of them. Finally the door was shut and I was left to my own thoughts.I had an absolute blast with Cole that afternoon. It was more fun than I could have ever imagined. And Cole was the cutest, sweetest, most intelligent boy I had ever met. I loved him with all my heart. All I wanted was to see was him happy in life. Hopefully my friendship was a step to get him there.Tomorrow I thought we'd go to the pool. Get some sun, splash around a little. Plus, I would get to see him in his bathing suit. Get to see his cute belly and nipples. Maybe get to wrestle with him in the water.Okay, so maybe I was attracted to Cole. So what? I wasn't going to do anything with him, so why not enjoy the sight of him in a bathing suit? Who knows, maybe in the dressing room I'd get a little peak at Cole Jr. I bet he had very nice package for his age. It would be interesting to see how far along the puberty trail he was, if at all.Maybe I would find out one day. For now, I was riding high on my first ever dose little lolita love galleries of Cole.---Stay tuned for the fourth chapter, in which the boys head to the pool!If you like the story, please send me an e-mail at: jnew001(at)gmail.com Comments, suggestions, questions are welcome!
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